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                Higher Education

                Smart financing solutions for a brighter future.

                Raymond James is a leading underwriter in the higher education sector, and we have a strong and growing commitment to higher education borrowers. Raymond James consistently ranks among the nation’s Top 10 underwriters of bond issues for both public and private institutions throughout the United States.* Since 2007, the firm has underwritten more than 750 issues for colleges and universities, with a par value of approximately $60 billion. As a leader in higher education underwriting, Raymond James can provide higher education institutions with superior expertise and development of innovative financing structures, pre-marketing and marketing programs, and overall efficient deal management in order to achieve a successful financing.

                *Source: Bloomberg, based on total par amount (2014 - 2018). Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

                Full-service Capabilities

                Our Expertise Includes:

                • Public and private institutions
                • Community colleges
                • Foundations
                • Privatized student housing
                • USDA financing
                • HBCU financing
                • Green bonds

                Our Services Include:

                • Auxiliary revenue bonds
                • Educational facilities revenue bonds
                • Student housing revenue bonds
                • Tuition and fee revenue bonds
                • Student loan bonds
                • Taxable bonds
                • Refunding bonds
                • Credit analytics
                • Ratings due diligence
                • Structuring analytics
                • Capital planning
                • Financial modeling
                • Asset/Liability management

                National Higher Education Contact

                Chuck Ellingsworth
                Chuck Ellingsworth
                Managing Director, Higher Education Specialist
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